About Us


Welcome to Chuck’s Wagon Tours. We specialize in day and weekend trips for small groups.

Our trips are close to home and filled with fun and adventure. A perfect and affordable get away for your family.

Chuck’s Wagon Tours has been operating for over a decade. Our business grew from our love of travel with friends and family. What started as organizing trips to a Cubs game in Chicago for my friends has become a small business which books up to a dozen trips a year.

We travel by motor coach. All of our motor coaches have comfortable reclining seats, DVD, and VCR, washroom, and plenty of space for luggage and packages. So come along on one of our getaways, whether for a day or a long weekend. See the sights and make some new friends. You’ll have a great time enjoying this beautiful country without spending a lot of money.

Leave the driving to us. See you soon!



  1. Just wanted to see if you were planning a Chicago trip in the Fall ’09 ? Girls in office interested. Thanks!
    Lisa Morris
    Hamilton Heart, Noblesville

    • There is one planned for around Christmas time, and Dr. Harris is talking about doing one in the fall but has not committed to it yet.

      Sorry about the lack of information. Dr. Harris has changed all of his trips and is still trying to plan the new ones. I’ll try to post the information as soon as he gets it to me.

  2. Are you no longer planning the Michigan trip that was scheduled for November 7th?Also,I no longer see the Christmas time trip to Chicago..

    • Hi Donna!
      Dr. Harris is no longer doing the Michigan trip, he didn’t have enough interest in it at this point. He may decide to reschedule it, but I’m not sure when he’ll be doing that. The Chicago christmas trip is still on. I was waiting on verification from Dr. Harris to put it on the website, and will be posting it shortly.
      Thank you for your interest and please let me know if you have any other questions!

      • Donna,
        Dr. Harris changed his mind, again, he is going to be doing the Michigan trip on Nov. 7th.

  3. I’m still interested in knowing if Dr. Harris is planning any trips for this year.

    Thanks, Nilda Bachmann

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